The yes rule.

Two weeks in and I’m still cooking on gas! I am usually the worst at making decisions, I ponder for too long, always jump to the worst case scenario and never really have faith in myself, however, deciding to get my tush down south I think is going to be one of my best decisions yet. For the first month I promised myself to the ‘yes rule’ which is pretty self-explanatory in that I have to say yes to all social invites (unless asked by druggies, convicts, or hooligans) in an attempt to have optimum fun levels.

This week the yes rule has caused all sorts of tom foolery! To which some details will need to be excluded and left to the imagination.

Last week was a big week for brunch, this week its been all about tapas!

Abbeville Road is a quaint little high street jam-packed with independent shops, cafes, and restaurants. One of these being Commensal, I’m a big lover of a burrito (who isn’t?) and this place had me practically drooling as I was reading the menu. I came here with a friend who I haven’t seen since the NTU days and we had the most loveliest of evenings filling each other in on the details of our lives post 2010. Great company, passion fruit martinis and little plates of Mexican goodness is always going to be a good night.

So a little update on avocado gate. We rock up to this place after work, a day of 3 year olds, followed by an overly intense staff meeting leaves you feeling emotionally and physically drained, the only thing to cure this state of lethargicness is naps food. Upon sitting down we are introduced to a bowl of tortilla chips and homemade, chunky, green and aesthetically displeasing guacamole. I don’t know what happened next but the guac is going down like a sack of hot patooties and I’m feeling so proud of this achievement.

We order practically everything that involves cheese and sour cream, the yes rule makes me accept the request of  refried beans, I don’t mind, we needed something healthy in the mix. The food is good and I leave feeling like a little round Buddha.


On Thursday I’m taken to Northcote Records for an evening of live music and cocktails. I find myself sipping on an espresso martini which leaves me awake until 3am. 100% worth it.  I’m totally nailing the food bucket list. Coffee and avocados in a matter of days, who knew I had it in me?

Quote of the evening ” So, Katie, where did those lips come from?” Cue twiddling of the hair and shameless girly giggles.


As a new girl in town I have been advised to put myself out there on the dating scene, apparently this is a really good way to see London as the fella’s take you to all the top spots. With this in mind and in accordance with the yes rule I venture out into the dating world. After a pep talk from the housemates I’m ready to see what all the fuss is about. I’ve been told that dating in London is a lot of fun, although I’ll probably get my  heart broken a few times and kiss a few frogs along the way, this doesn’t sound like fun at all!

Tapas round 2 takes place courtesy of Pix. A cute little restaurant in Soho with yo sushi vibes. The tapas dishes are brought over to your table, which is an incredibly clever way of making you spend lots of money. C’mon who is going to say no to mini portions of deliciousness when it’s shoved in front of your face. Clearly not me.

I’ll keep the finer details to myself but turns out I quite like this dating malarky.

Saturday morning arrives and I have the shakes, maybe from lack of sleep, but most likely due to the copious amounts of red wine to touch my (apparently very lovely!) lips. A brisk walk in the rain to Clapham North is where I go to get my fix of pampering, pink fizz and gossip with my favourite Liverpudlian at London Grace.

I rave about London Grace so much. It’s such a simple concept, but the combination of totally lovely staff, interior design heaven and the option of sipping fizz whilst being primped is one of winners! I came across London Grace when I was working in London over the summer and have never gone anywhere else since, even when back in Nottingham and  coming to London to visit the one who shall not be named I would always book in an appointment. It’s an experience any girl with a love of all things lovely should try. I always go for the hunky dory gel manicure, this time I’m keeping it nude and went with the colour satin pyjamas.  Next time you’re in the big smoke and fancy some primping get your tush to a London Grace store, there’s one in Putney Bridge and also a new store opened in Leicester square too!


Saturday night takes me to the Jam Cafe in Clapham Old Town. I put myself in a situation I would never normally here and this is again thanks to the yes rule. My housemate invites me out with all of her friends and I really want to go, but at the same time I’m so shy in these situations the thought of being in a busy bar making small talk with essentially a group of strangers is so so daunting. Anyway, if I want to get by down here I’m going to need to man up, everyone here has been in a similar situation to me at some point and they all understand. I feel tonight is the night I can finally brave my leather skirt and I’m over the moon to discover it still fits. I feel like the body gods are looking down on me saying ” Now, that was a warning, get your shit together, eat a bloody salad girl ” I therefore make a promise to myself that from tomorrow it’s all about the greens and less of the reds (wines). Turns out the girls were lovely, and all knew exactly how I felt because as expected they have all been in my heels before. A wise friend of mine always reminds me of the comfort zone, nothing ever happens if you stay inside it. Outside is where all the magic happens! I feel I can vouch for that as I’ve put myself in some pretty uncomfortable situations this year.


I’m starting my own little party. It’s the pudding party and you’re all invited. I have an extensive bucket list, a bucket list of all varieties, brunch, tourist malarky, dates, bars, but most importantly pudding. I’ve compiled a list (and taking recommendations) of all the pudding parlours of goodness that I wish to visit during my time here.

Today party 1/100 takes my friend and I to Maitre Choux in South Kensington. This place is fancy! My eyes are popping out of my head at the array of sugary goodness laid out before us. The pastries look too pretty to disturb from their orderly lines never mind scoff!

After careful consideration I pick the delice rose a la framboise! Basically, raspberry pink loveliness. The price is hefty, £6.30 for this slate of deliciousness but in cake club we only visit the finest of establishments so we just have to suck it up. I’ve never eaten something so delicately, cutting into the pastry the raspberry cream oozes out and corrrr it’s a good un! Fingers licked and tea’s sipped I’m off for a stroll around Sloane Square.

Those of you that know me will understand my love of all things Cath Kidston. I find a store on Kings Road and nip in to buy a key ring because I now live in a house worth over a million big ones, such keys deserve only the finest of key rings. Anyway, 30 minutes later I leave the store with a new pair of pyjamas, a diary, a plate and finally a keyring. Well, that didn’t go to plan…

My cowboy pyjamas are worth every penny and match beautifully with my new nails.


I’m a solid advocate of the yes rule now and I encourage everyone to give it a go. Dare you!

Love from a much more confident, but rounder…

Fee x

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