Happy one week in London!

Ta dah! And just like that, I’m a pretend Londoner. It all came round rather quickly. After spending Christmas in Nottingham the countdown was on until I packed up my troubles and headed to Lambeth/Wandsworth. I haven’t quite worked it out yet…


It’s an early start, 6 am. The parents and I have already argued twice because apparently “All this stuff just won’t fit in”  By 12pm, I’m here and lonely alone. Quite simply, I can’t be bothered to unpack. To cure my melancholy I jump not the tube and go shopping! (Oops!) Whilst on the tube my mind starts to wander… Firstly, what the bloody hell am I doing? I should be unpacking. Secondly, I feel unbelievably small and insignificant, I’m surrounded by thousands of strangers in one of the busiest cities in the whole world and I barely know anyone, what on earth am I doing?…but I guess that’s all part of the fun.  


Saturday means B R U N C H.


By Saturday my friends have arrived for our NYE escapade and we decide to see whats good around my new ends. Those ends being Clapham. We head to old town and by recommendation from one of my housemates (love that I have housemates!) we visit No 32.

WELL. I order the eggs royale (as always) and we treat ourselves to a bottle of fizz, because why the devil not?  The food is delicious but we can’t help but wonder where the rest of it is? The price tag does not match the quantity we were expecting! Luckily, I had a hankering for some truffle mac and cheese which did the job! Mac and cheese always has my back. 

NYE at the Blues Kitchen, Brixton.

Lashings of glitter, rum and selfies later we arrive at the Blues Kitchen! We spend the night pulling shapes to the live jazz band and its a throwback to Key West, Miami 2016!  12am comes and well, everyone knows what happens then..! Red head vibes have me feeling sassy and I’m working the newbie card.


NYD 2017

Six episodes of Married at first sight, a petrol station chocolate run, and copious amounts of tea later we drag out sorry tushes out of bed and decide its a great idea to go to Camden for hangover food and tourist tat. I buy all of the above and the world is good again.


So, as a part of my new London lifestyle I’m attempting to be more open-minded and experience new things, situations, people, food, you know the score. My list of food/drinks to conquer are coffee, avocado’s and olives. All currently make me want to boff, but If I’m going to make it as a pretend Londoner it’s practically vital I love all of those things.  We visit Yardbird by the common and I ease myself in gently with the milkiest/sugary latte,  I already feel so London. Bank holiday of course means brunch (again! Oink Oink) The establishment of choice is Esca. I um and ar over my NY resolution to go meat free but the hunters breakfast sounds too good to resist. However, after thinking of my waistline in the new leather skirt I’m day dreaming about I opt for the salmon and spinach omelette. It arrives in a frying pan, edgy or what?  

Back to school

Tuesday means back to work (wahh!). Today I started my new job as a nursery teacher. The day goes well, but the realisation that I’m not in Nottingham anymore and what the bloody hell have I done leaving all my friends and family plus a school that I love sinks in. I arrive back home and immediately sob my socks off. Five minutes of tears and a quick pep talk later I’m fine. Today has been a bit of an information overload and I think I got slightly overwhelmed with all the change that’s going on. I’ve been through all this once already this year when I moved to Miami so I should be an expert at this by now. But the stress of a new job, a new house, new housemates, a new city and the fact I’m not surrounded by my loved ones makes me have a bit of a wobble. But this is only to be expected, I can’t be Miss Independent all the time…


Wednesdays here and after work my friend and I take a trip to Balham. So, people say Balham is lovely and this is true, but Balham and I have a bit of history which makes me slightly anxious-avoidant. However, we have a lovely evening sipping G&T reminiscing about our South America trip 6 years ago! It’s a school night and I’m at the pub half cut. This is wonderful.

Ok, now its Thursday and I’m fully burning the candle at both ends. I’ve gone from spending evenings alone with my cat in Nottingham to going out every night sipping on the good stuff.  I jam packed my first few weeks with plans so that I’m distracted from any remote feelings of homesickness/general miserableness and I can’t wipe the smile off my face! This is what I have wanted for years and I’m so glad I made the move. I hope this excitement and appreciation for where I am continues for many moons to come.

Le Bab in Kingsley Court provided a knockout kebab  ( I opted for paneer, because I’m having at go at this whole pescatarian malarky!) A bottle of red wine, fondue and a big fat bill later we go to the pub for even more wine! Hurrah! Today was the first time I called ‘it’ home! It still hasn’t sunk in that this is where I live now, I feel like i’m on holiday! I’m so excited by all the good times to come…


Afternoon Tea in Knightsbridge 

One of my favourite treats is an afternoon tea and what better way to celebrate a week in the capital by indulging in a very British past time. The venue is a swanky joint, and I’m all over the plush teal, velvet sofas. We try our best to be sophisticated but we’re both starving and dive straight in. Nom nom nom. Why do sandwiches taste so much better when cut into little rectangles?  

We finish our lovely Sunday afternoon with a porn star martini courtesy of Gigalum, made twice as good seeing as its happy hour. The music gets cranked up and apparently this is where to come for a good time on a Sunday in Clapham. If only I didn’t have to look after little people in the morning…


1 week in and already I’m in love/shattered/broke/but happy!

Fee x

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