Hello London, you lovely thing.

Well, after a how shall I put this… disappointing week, my feelings about moving to London were slightly tainted but since visiting this weekend to complete round one of the big move, I’m pleased to say my mood has lifted significantly.

Its T- 10 days until I can officially count myself as a pretend Londoner and this weekend we made a visit to take down a heap of stuff to my new humble abode. Upon collecting the keys reality starts to sink in that this is actually happening and after years of day dreaming and months of preparation that I’m now the proud owner of an SW postcode.

Moments later I’m titivating and putting all my homely bits and bobs from number 6 about the room, adjusting them slightly until they find the perfect angle. Little butterflies start to flutter after chatting with my new roomies and the worries I was having are starting to fade. Phew! 

Well, we’re in London and its Christmas, it would be a crime not to take a stroll along Regent street to oo and arrr at the beautiful lights! Of course, they do not disappoint, and I can’t help but think oh London, you lovely thing. After a little hiccup earlier this week I am again excited by the prospect this little gem  will be the place I call home for a while. 10 more sleeps to go…


Oxford Street Christmas Lights

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